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Melissa GMelissa G 

Auto Populate Custom Lookup Field from Custom Link

Good morning! I was wondering if it is possible to use a custom link to auto populate a custom field on a case.

I have a lookfield (Requestor__c) that I would like to auto populate with the current user (only internal users will be submitting cases). I would like when a user clicks on a custom link (new support ticket) it would bring up the support record type with the requester name filled in with their name. Is this possible?

Thanks so much in advance!
Shikha AgashiShikha Agashi
Go to Requestor__c custom field and get Id from URL. it should start with 00N...

Create Link with URL as content source  and use following URL:

http://yoursalesforceinstnce.com/500/e?RecordType={Recordtype Id}&CF00N..(Requestor__c ID)={$User.Id}

Adding CF before Requestor__c Id because it is lookup field.
Melissa GMelissa G
Good afternoon!

Thank you for the response. I am unable to get this to work, however. This is what I have:

/500/e?RecordType={012800000007l2q}&CF00N30000001Mbiz(Requestor__c ID)={$User.Id}

The record type is coming up fine but the Requestor name is not appearing. It is blank. Can you assist further? Thanks so much!!