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vamsi krishna 106vamsi krishna 106 

Error Showing Read only Property while using the Wrapper class variable in VF

Hi Guys,
I am using Wrapper class varialbe in vf.It showing error :Read inoy Property..
 My wrapper class varibale declaration is 

public Date FromDateCriteria;
      Public  void setFromDateCriteria(Date FromDateCriteria) {
      this.FromDateCriteria = FromDateCriteria;
   public string getFromDateCriteria() {
       return NULL;
    return FromDateCriteria.format();

Please give me some solutions..
You are returning a String and you are setting from a Date.  So you need to change the input from Date to String
public Date fromDateCriteria;

public  void setFromDateCriteria(String fromDateCriteria) {
    this.fromDateCriteria = Date.parse(fromDateCriteria);

public string getFromDateCriteria() {
    return (fromDateCriteria == null) ? null : fromDateCriteria.format();

vamsi krishna 106vamsi krishna 106
"fromDateCriteria"  At VF i am getting " Unknown property "  error
vamsi krishna 106vamsi krishna 106
HI pcon,

Thanx for ur code  and it's working fine but i am getting "Unknown property" error at vf  for variable  of 

fromDateCriteria.  please give me some solution..please...
Can you please provide the Visualforce that you are using to call this variable?

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vamsi krishna 106vamsi krishna 106

<apex:repeat value="{!wraptissuesList}" var="tissue">
<apex:inputCheckbox value="{!tissue.isSelectedtissue}"  id="InputIdshipped" onClick="checkOne(this.value);"  />
 <apex:inputtext  id="implatedDate" size="10" value="{!tissue.implanteddate}"/>


 public class wrapTissues{
    public Tissue__c tissues{get;set;}//It's for tissues
    public boolean isSelectedTUR{get;set;}//It's for creating the TUR's 
    public boolean isSelectedtissue{get;set;}//It's for selecting the Implated tissues for billing
    public boolean Reorderselected{get;set;}//It's for Re-Order check box
    public boolean pricecheckselected{get;set;}//It's for Request for price check
    public Double  price{get;set;}//It's price of the product.
    Public Date implanteddate;
    Public Date formatdate{get;set;}
    Public void setimplanteddate(String implanteddate) {
     this.implanteddate= date.parse(implanteddate);
   public String getimplanteddate() {
       return (implanteddate== null) ? null : implanteddate.format();

     public wrapTissues(tissue__c t){

Please give me some suggestions..
There is some missing code here.  So the following works correctly for me

public class PageWrapper {
    public List<InnerWrapper> wrappers {
    public class InnerWrapper {
        public Date myDate;
        public InnerWrapper(Date myDate) {
            this.myDate = myDate;
        public String getMyDate() {
            return (this.myDate == null) ? null : this.myDate.format();
        public void setMyDate(String myDate) {
            this.myDate = Date.parse(myDate);
    public PageWrapper() {
        this.wrappers = new List<InnerWrapper>();
        for (Integer i = 1; i < 4; i++) {
            this.wrappers.add(new InnerWrapper(Date.parse('0' + i + '/0' + i + '/2015')));
    public PageReference doSave() { 
        return null;

<apex:page controller="PageWrapper">
        <apex:repeat value="{!wrappers}" var="wrapper">
                <apex:inputText value="{!wrapper.myDate}" />
        <apex:commandButton value="Save" action="{!doSave}" />