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Advanced Salesforce Administrator Needed!

Do you have a passion to work with non-profits? If you're interested in helping non-profits increase the effectiveness of their fundraising efforts this job is for you!
Our client is looking for a Sr. Salesforce Admin in DC to design, develop and streamline their instance with attention to their long-term needs.- See more at: http://jobs.tech2resources.com/Salesforce-Administrator-Jobs-in-DC-Metro-area-DC/3218088#sthash.dlw9qMVy.dpuf
Thank you for you post! Hopefully someone from our community will reach out to you soon!
Julie MexJulie Mex
Hi Nancy, would your client consider working with a remote admin?  I'm a really experienced (12 years ++) Salesforce.com professional with three certifications (Admin 201, Sales Cloud Consultant, Developer 401) and loads of non-profit experience which I have loved every minute.  I've recently moved to Mexico and looking for a remote Salesforce.com position.