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Christopher WeisChristopher Weis 

Creating a custom object then creating 2 users with different page layouts

Hello all,

I need to create a new custom object.
Then, I need to set up two new users in an org, both with visibility into different objects but with at least one shared object (the new custom object), however each user seeing a different page layout of the same record.

Here's what I'm thinking I need to do:
Create the new custom objcect and create 2 different page layouts.
Then set the 1st user up with an cloned or new profile that has access to the "shared" object. 
Then cloning that profile for the 2nd user and changing object access as needed while changing the page layout for the "shared" object.

Is that the best way to accomplish my objective?  Is there any other way?  This is for a job interview, so if there's more than one way, I'd like to have flexibility...

Bottom line is that I have to have 2 different profiles to have 2 page layouts, correct?

Thanks in advance,