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Conditional Queries in Apex Trigger

Hi guys, 

I just wrote a quick trigger that will link a child record (NSSO_Parent__c) to an Opportunity based on matching Protocol Number fields. This is working fine but there will be instances when multiple opportunities has the same Protocol Number. In this case, i would like to link the record to the Parent Opportunity - i would know the record is the parent opportunity IF the field "Parent_Opportunity__c" is blank. 

Basically I want a nice way of saying "Run this query and ONLY IF it returns multiple results, loop back thru and choose the one that has "Parent_Opportunity__c = null"

Here is my trigger. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!
trigger UpdateParentonNSSO on NSSO_Parent__c (before insert, before update){ 

    for(NSSO_Parent__c n : trigger.new)

      if(n.Opportunity__c == null &&n.Protocol_Number__c!=null)
           Opportunity SOpp = [SELECT Id from Opportunity where Protocol_Number__c = :n.protocol_number__c];