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questions help

1 Best Practices of a trigger
2. Is it advisable to call batch class from trigger? If Yes, Why? If No, Why?
3. What are actionSupport and actionFunction? Differences ?
4. What is viewstate error? Best Practices to avoid the same ?
5. OWD on an object is Private. On Profiles, Only READ access has been provided and there are no permission sets assigned, but still user is able to view and edit records. what might be the reason?
6. What happens if you delete one of the master records in many to many relationship ?
7. What are the tough situations which you faced in project technically?
8. Data from popup window needs to be passed back to calling parent window. How to achieve this ?
9. What are custom settings ?
10. Can we deploy a class without test class/ code coverage? Is it advisable? If Not, Why?
11. Difference between Enterprise and partner WSDL
12. Which one you prefer, SOAP or REST for mobile applications ?
13. Workflow rule limitations ?
14. How do you control the insertion or deletion of detail records ?
15. Validation rule to allow only a particular user to edit a field. For others, error message should thrown?
16. What is database.stateful ?

No.  This is not what these forums are ment for.  Most of the questions you have asked above can be answered by a very quick google search.  If you are trying to know the answers of these prior to doing a job interview, then you are not qualified for this job.  Please do not make additional posts like these on these forums.  If you have specific questions that you have that cannot be found by the first link of a Google search, please feel free to ask them.  But posting a list of interview questions and expecting someone here to answer them will get you no where.