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Basil Dobek 6Basil Dobek 6 

Timezone Error in Trailhead Challenge

There is a timezone issue with the challenge for "Using Date and Date/Time Formulas" in the advanced forumlas module.   I used the following formula to finally get past the challange.  This formula is clearly wrong as the "+1" should not be needed.

CASE(MOD((Today()+1)- DATE(1900,1,7), 7), 0, 'Sunday', 1, 'Monday',2,'Tuesday',3,'Wednesday',4,'Thursday',5,'Friday',6,'Saturday','error')
Looks like this is already on the Trailhead team's radar:

https://success.salesforce.com/_ui/core/chatter/groups/GroupProfilePage?g=0F9300000009Nek&fId=0D53000002QsY2p (https://success.salesforce.com/_ui/core/chatter/groups/GroupProfilePage?g=0F9300000009Nek&fId=0D53000002QsY2p)