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Approval Lock issue - Detail record gets locked when master record is locked

Hi All,

We are facing one wierd issue.
When the master record is locked by an approval process, it's detail records are also getting locked.
Below is the screenshot of button area of child record. As you can see lock icon appeared just before edit button.  
Child record don't even have any active approval process.

When the user tries to edit it, he is getting the below error.
"The record you are trying to edit has been locked. Please contact your administrator if access is necessary. "

Here comes the wierd part, 
Two objects are using the same object as master, but only records of one object are getting locked when master record is locke

I found the below link. But even as per it, when master record is locked, child records of all the objects which are having the same master should be locked ? Isn't it ?

May be I am missing something. Any idea what the issue is ?
Ramon PereiraRamon Pereira

Check that one of the sons records is owned by a adminsitrador user.


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