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SFDC told me I need to log a case, but Help and Training says not allowed???

I recently got an email for some DE orgs saying:"If your DE org is locked and you would like to regain access, you can open a case with Customer Support via the Help & Training portal."

So, I managed to find the new place to log a case (not easy) to unlock my DE org and there is a message that says: "Developer support for standard customers and partners is supported directly through our community. If you have a developer support question, please click here."

Can the "community" unlock my DE org? What do I do?
Megan Moody 33Megan Moody 33
Have you tried creating a case via the Technical Support --> Admin Request tab? While it's for your developer org, it's really an admin request.
I had tried to make a case, but the new lightning-inspired help portal requires you to choose from dozens of categories and subcategories. Choices that seemed to apply either don't allow you to log a case or ultimately result in the error message I referenced above. 

You cannot make a case from the "Technical Support" category. You must first go to "Contact Support" which has "Create a case" as its button.

I did manage to hear back from my rep who suggested I use the "Setup & Security" then "Security" category. Then just pick something and hope logging a case is available and hope it doesn't tell you that you can't. It's still a crap-shoot since there isn't a good category for this situation and of course the community can't unlock your DE org (I was being sarcastic above). Using this click path, i finally managed to log a case. Salesforce has made it much harder.

I also found this link, which doesn't help, just says to make a case.