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Paul Quinlan 5Paul Quinlan 5 

Lightning Components, SVG Icons and IE11

For the module "Using Images, Icons and Avatars" the docs state: "To use SVG spritemap image icons with Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 you will need to download a small script called svg4everybody." which you load as a static resource and then call the svg4everybody() function. The Trailhead says to use <script> tags, however, these are not allowed in the component markup, so I added the call into the lightning component controller. But they still do not show up.

Any idea how to get this working?
Matty BMatty B
How did you make out with this? I too am struggling as the documentation seems to only show how to do it for the Apex Lightning Design system and not using Lightning components with the Aura markup. And is SFDC really saying SVG only works with IE11 or higher?
Sam CiceroSam Cicero
Also having issues with this, any findings that would be helpful?