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Best Version Control tool for salesforce

Hi Folks,

What is the best version control tool for salesforce. Is it SVN or GITHUB.
In case of multiple vendors working on the same project then which is the best version control and migration tools.
Is Jenkins and bamboos free or paid migration tools.

This is urgent.Thanks in advance!!!

Carolina Ruiz MedinaCarolina Ruiz Medina
Hi Krish4u,

The "Best" tool always depends on what you need and what it gives to your business.  As you commented there are several  SVN ( no cloud one, personally I would use a cloud one) , GITHUB ... but here is also Stash/Bitbucket. Again all of them have same finality however different functionallity, again that is up to your company-bussines. Related to free or paid , well I think you would be the best one to make a decision here as if someone recommends a paid tool and then it doesn't fit your requirements it could be not a nice recomendation. I'm quite sure that with a little bit of research on them and having in mind what could suit you best some of the options you mentioned could help in the purpose. 
Sorry I can't say "This is the final! Best!" as I said it all depends to you, your company, business requirements.
(Said that, for personal projects I used GITHUB :) ) 

Hi Carolina,

You are right..but this is frist time i am using the version control system and migration tools so i need some information like paid and free services tools and benfits of them. As you said you have already used many tools for version control so you know very well about these tools.
I have verified in google and found those tools but if any one experience person give the information that will be much better. Could you please provid me some details like what are the paid/free services and different benefits of them. Not much information just for an idea.
So that i will give the information to client and they will take decision. 

Brandon H. BarrBrandon H. Barr
I personally use Git with Github and, in some cases, Git with Stash. I have found git to work best for my personal workflow and Github makes cloud storage easy. For 5 private repositories, Github charges $7 and it goes up from there for more private repositories. I have some repositories on Stash. This is free for private repositories.

Personally I prefer Github but for no reason other than its what has worked best with the teams I work with.
Thank you Brandon H.Barr.

This is very helpful.. if the experience persons give some informaton it will be useful for other develpers in future.

Shalika PabrejaShalika Pabreja
Thanks, it was useful information, Additioanl info, how much Github charges?