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Santi Ram RaiSanti Ram Rai 

Transfering App to another Org Account.

Hi Everybody,

I have build an app. Now i have problem, and below are the my problem:

i) How we can transfer the app to another org or to another account?
ii) And how to install the app on ApexExchange platform?

Please can some body help me to solve them.
Head In CloudHead In Cloud
Hi Santi Ram Rai,

If you want to do it via your development org, I'd suggest deploying from the production Org using Eclipse or changesets, to your dev org. Then you can use dataloader or an ETL tool to take a copy of the data, though if you have lookups etc. then you'll need to do some massaging in excel before using dataloader.
Go to This Site And Install Your App(www.appexchange.com).
Check this links for more detail:

Hope this helps! 
Santi Ram RaiSanti Ram Rai
I have instlled the Eclipse. And i tried to connect with Force.com. But i have this error:

User-added image