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Tolga SunarTolga Sunar 

DataLoader upsert operation ignoring Standard ID field


I've read that upsert operation accepts the standard ID field as the matching field, or any external ID field if present. However, when I attempt to export some Lead records and directly upsert the generated .csv file into SF, I get the below error:
User-added image

When I open the .csv file with an editor, ID field is present:

User-added image

Moreover, when I do the same operation for Account object which has an external ID field, the matching field window has the text "no external ID found, dataloader will use the Id field". But below that text, the external field is selected as the matching field and is greyed out.

Why does DataLoader ignore my standard ID fields? I tried a custom object, and standard ID field is still ignored.

Thanks in advance.
Tolga SunarTolga Sunar
Here's the screenshot of the window I get during Account upsert operation:

User-added image
Can you check with another data loader and see whether you are facing the same issue..
May be you can try this online data tool..