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Mano sfdcMano sfdc 

Wrapper Class not showing records

Hi Experts,

Please find below Class & Page. It is not showing output values.

Apex Class:

public class RetrieveClassesTriggersInWrapper{

   public List<ApexClass> classNames{set;get;}
   public List<ApexTrigger> triggerNames{set;get;}
   public List<ApexClass> testClassNames{set;get;}
   public List<Apexpage> pageNames{set;get;}
   public List<MyWrapper> wrapper {get; set;}

   public void RetrieveClassesTriggersInWrapper()
     classNames=[SELECT id, name from ApexClass where not(Name like '%test%') ORDER BY Name ASC];
     triggerNames=[SELECT id, name from ApexTrigger ORDER BY Name ASC];
     testClassNames=[SELECT id, name from ApexClass where (Name like '%test%') ORDER BY Name ASC];
     pageNames=[SELECT id, name from Apexpage ORDER BY Name ASC];
     wrapper = new List<MyWrapper>() ;
     for(Integer i=0 ; i < 10 ; i++)
     wrapper.add(new MyWrapper(classNames[i], triggerNames[i], testClassNames[i], pageNames[i])) ;


   public class MyWrapper
     public ApexClass Classes {get; set;}
     public ApexTrigger Triger {get; set;}
     public ApexClass testClass {get; set;}
     public Apexpage vfPage {get; set;}

     public MyWrapper(ApexClass cls, ApexTrigger tri, ApexClass testCls, Apexpage page)
        Classes = cls ;
        Triger = tri ;
        testClass = testCls;
        vfPage = page;

VF Page:

<apex:page controller="RetrieveClassesTriggersInWrapper">
  <apex:pageBlock >
   <apex:pageblockSection >
     <apex:pageBlockTable value="{!wrapper}" var="wrap">
       <apex:column headerValue="Classes" value="{!wrap.Classes.Name}"/>
       <apex:column headerValue="Triggers" value="{!wrap.Triger.Name}"/>
       <apex:column headerValue="TestClasses" value="{!wrap.testClass.Name}"/>
       <apex:column headerValue="Visualforce Pages" value="{!wrap.vfPage.Name}"/>

Out put:  Output not showing any values.


Please anyone help me.


   public void RetrieveClassesTriggersInWrapper()

this line i assume this is the constructor? please try to remove the void return type. this should look this.
   public RetrieveClassesTriggersInWrapper()

Rupal KumarRupal Kumar
hi Manohar,
     The syntax for a constructor is similar to a method, but it differs from a method definition in that it never has an explicit return type and it is           not inherited by the object created from it.
         public void RetrieveClassesTriggersInWrapper()
        Remove void return type- public RetrieveClassesTriggersInWrapper() 

Rupal Kumar
Mirketa Software Pvt Ltd