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Erick MahleErick Mahle 

Napili Navigation Menu - Menu Items Defined by Permissions

Hi, I want to know if it's possible to limit the visible Menu Items in a Community with Profiles (where certain community users can see some Menu Items, while others cannot). Has anyone been able to accomplish this one thus far?

Kind Regards,
Hector Rodriguez 25Hector Rodriguez 25
Hi Erick

Did you eventually get a response for this question?

My understanding is that for those tabs based on Object Pages, adding/removing access to the object on the profile also removes access to the tab in the Community (i.e. the tab does not display on the Navigation Bar).

However, I think the above is not possible when the tab is not based on a standard object page. i.e. Community Page, External URL, etc. Can anyone confirm?

Alex Lui 9Alex Lui 9
Hi Hector, were you able to confirm your question? I can confirm that removing object permission on the profile does in fact remove access to the tab in community. My question is more specific to the tabs that are not related to standard objects.

Erick MahleErick Mahle
Hi all, this question was asked a year ago. Since then Salesforce has given us the ability to control that visibility depending on the different profiles that users have. You could control such visibility in one of two ways: - Creating a different Community (with separate tabs) - Creating different Page Variations (which came out with Summer '16 release) You could also limit Object page tabs by limiting profile visibility into that object. Hope that helps - Erick Erick Mahle, *founder* *fullOpp, Inc. - *www.full*Opp*.com Salesforce.com Certified Community Cloud Consultant Salesforce.com Certified Sales Cloud Consultant Salesforce.com Certified Pardot Consultant Salesforce.com Certified Platform App Builder Salesforce.com Certified Advanced Administrator Direct: *954.289.0514* | UberConference: *954.947.5647* www.linkedin.com/in/erickmahle/
Alex Lui 8Alex Lui 8
Thanks for responding Erick. your post led me to the right place. I was able to hide the tabs by changing the audience criteria.

Thank you!
sekar Raj 11sekar Raj 11

Alex Lui 8
I have done page access using page variation option.but I couldn't hide navigation menu based on a profile.
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