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Pruthvi KankunthalaPruthvi Kankunthala 

Rich Text Area "Unavailable Phot"

Hi Everyone ,

I was developing a functionality where , if the Lead object has a photo ( used custom rich text area field ) , then on Lead Conversion whenever the Contact is created , the photo should flow from Lead to Contact's field ( another custom field in Contact object ) . As this cannot be done via configuration , as Lead conversion mapping doesn't allow rich text area fields to map , i wrote a trigger on Lead Object , and update the related contact . 

Now the problem is , although the photo is updated in the Contact's Custom field , it shows that "Unavailable Photo" . Can anyone help in solving in this ?
jyothsna reddy 5jyothsna reddy 5
Hi Pruthivi,
 Goto Lead tab-->Lead Fields-->Lead Customfields and relationships--->click Map lead Fields button.Assign Lead custom field photo__c to  ​Photo1__c field in contact object.when you click convert lead  button photo in lead object  gets copied to contact photo field.

.User-added image

User-added image

Hope it helps.

Jyothsna D.
Pruthvi KankunthalaPruthvi Kankunthala
@Jyotsna : That was my first approach . But as the field is of Rich text area datatype , you cannot map the field . That;s why i went for code .