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How to properly invoke an apex class through visual flow


I am almost there. Despite SF visualflow's shortcomings with working with DateTime fields, I have a visual flow almost there where it sets up two dateTime fields called startDateTime and endDateTime. My problem is with calculating and saving a time, which works properly with the dataTime fields, because they always recalculate to GMT. 

What I am trying to accomplish is an Apex class, which recalls the user's timezone offset for two different times.

Here is the code.
public class UserTimezoneOffsets {

    public class inputVariables {
        public DateTime startDateTime;
        public DateTime endDateTime;
        label='Get user timezone offset' 
        description='Returns the users timezone offset in minutes for the given dates.')
    public static List<Integer> getOffsets (List<inputVariables> dateTimes ) 
        TimeZone tz = UserInfo.getTimeZone();
        List<Integer> offsets = new List<Integer>();
        for (inputVariables dateTimeX : dateTimes) {
            offsets.add(tz.getOffset( dateTimeX.startDateTime ));        
            offsets.add(tz.getOffset( dateTimeX.endDateTime ));               

        return offsets;  


The issue is, how can I get the offsets back into the flow.