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Ken sfdc1Ken sfdc1 

Custom button to auto fill address fields

am trying for an auto fill button but I see something is missing.
Lower registry object -- is a look up to account object 
Iam creating a custom button on Account while they navigate to lower registery new button to that object they want the primary address fields auto filled --- Address line 1, city,state,country etc.
Here is the tricky address is one more object which is master detail to account and there is no relation to Lower registry object.
So i want lower registry --> lookup to account --> master detail to Address object how to get the address from address object to lower registry.
!Address_vod__c.Address_line_2_vod__c is this right or Account__r.Address_vod__c.Address_line_2_vod__c?
Anytime addresses it must take only the address has primary checkbox checked from address object?