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Kenn K.Kenn K. 

Update values from Aggregate Result Query

I am trying to update a field on the Quote (Operational_Start_Date__c) from the results of an aggregate result query.
The trigger runs on quote, queries QuoteLine for unique values and update the Quote with the unique values. This is what I have so far but it doesn't seem to be working;
trigger SB_QuoteAdditionalUpdates on SBQQ__Quote__c (before insert, before update) {
    	Set<Id> quoteIds = new Set<Id>();
   		 for (SBQQ__Quote__c quotes : Trigger.new) {
    		List<AggregateResult> uniqueCountries = ([SELECT  Country_Operational_Date__c FROM SBQQ__QuoteLine__c WHERE SBQQ__Quote__c IN:quoteIds 
	    												AND country_code__c <> null AND Employee_CountFormula__c <> null GROUP BY Country_Operational_Date__c]);
    		if(uniqueCountries.Size()>0 ){
    			for (AggregateResult uniqueCountry : uniqueCountries){
    				quotes.Operational_Start_Date__c = String.valueOf(uniqueCountry.get('Country_Operational_Date__c'));

When I make the for loop run through the aggregate result (not optimized/bulkified), it updates the quote but it's only updating with one of the unique values and the quote might have had 3 unique values.