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Joseph Kubon (he/him/his)Joseph Kubon (he/him/his) 

Opportunity Splits - Field History Tracking


I've enabled the object in my DEV enviornment and taken a look at the metedata.  Does not appear to be a property on the fields for Tracking History.


Can historty tracking be enabled for splits? 

Scenario - User sets it to 50/50 on day 1 and 6 months later changes it to 75/25. 

I know we can put a valdiation rule that prevents editing it after being closed.

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I do not believe field history tracking is available for that object. You can create a custom object to store field history each time an Opportunity Split is modified (via Apex trigger or process builder). Each time a split record is modified you can create a new record for the custom history object. You can have it as the child object to the Opportunity object in a master detail relationship.

Instead of creating a trigger or process builder flow, I suppose you can set up a reporting snapshot to run every day and map a split report to the custom object as well.