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Brittany CalnenBrittany Calnen 

Which filters should I use?

I have an opportunities report created and I am trying to add filters to find out which accounts have not had Closed won opportunities in over a year.  Is there a way to do this using multiple filters?
You can add a roll-up summary field on the account object that takes the max value of the Opportunity Close Date (assuming Close Date is accurate) filtering on Opps that have a Stage of Closed Won. You can then filter on that rollup summary date field where is it less than a year ago.

You can create a Date field on the account object (Lastest Closed Won Date for example) and create a workflow rule against the opportunity that updates the account date field via a cross object field update when the Opp is updated with a Closed Won stage. You may have to do some backfill with this option as the workflow will only work with updates going forward.
Brittany CalnenBrittany Calnen
Is there a way to simplify this? I am new to salesforce.  Thank you!
Brittany CalnenBrittany Calnen
Hi, Is there a way to simplify this? I am new to salesforce and still learning the ropes. Thank you! Brittany