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Kenneth WangKenneth Wang 

Is there any possible to create a field with record type?

For example, Object A has 2 record types: RTX, RTY.
Is it possible to create a field F only for RTX, it means this field cannot be selected by RTY, such as layout or somrthings else.
Hi Kenneth Wang,

Yes, you need to create two different page layout for RTX and RTY , after that you need add that field to RTX layout only. 

Hi Kenneth,
Record type only controll the avaible picklist value for a perticuler record. The fields which are available for UI depend on pagelayout associated with the record type. So if you create any field F and visible to your profile, in that user can select that field on any pagelayout and eventually can attach to RTY record type.

So not possible.

sandeep reddy 37sandeep reddy 37
jeeta was told is abslutly right so follow with jeeta answer kenneth