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Deepika Gupta 26Deepika Gupta 26 

Restrict user to fill data on field via code when certain condition are match

Hi All,
​I want that in my if statement like if(Field1==true) //this is a checkbox field

     Restrict user to fill the Field2 & Field3 //this two fields are picklist field

All this three fields are on same object that is "Acccount:" let me know how is it possible to achieve in apex code.
Hi Deepika,

For that you can add disable attribute to Field2 & Field3. So when Field1 is true, then user won't be able to fill up f2 and f3.

If you need more clarity, post your code or share with me on jetharam123@gmail.com

Hi Deepika,

Please try this below code.

When field1 is checked and field 2 or field 3 having any value then add error message in the record.
  if(rec.Field2!=null || rec.field3!=null){
     rec.addError('You are not allowed to enter the value to this field');
if you have any other scenario for whihch you need this please do share the code or scenario.

If this helps you please let me know.