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Big EarsBig Ears 

Potential Bug report: Using site.validatePassword in a test class

Hey all,

Just wanted to submit this here, to see if others have experience it to. If I'm running an Apex test and the code hits site.validatePassword, I get the following error:
System.UnexpectedException: Salesforce System Error: 2089153553-377506 (-1123129540) (-1123129540)
I've got a work-around in place, but wanted to see if anybody else is dealing with it. It would be good to get it fixed, as the workaround is costing me code coverage

Raymundo RodríguezRaymundo Rodríguez
Hey Andy,

I'm facing the exact same issue. Did you get any fix for it?

i got the same issue actually. What was your work-around? did you bypass the validate password function?
Big EarsBig Ears
Apologies - I never saw that there were replies here - I was never able to resolve this and just had to bypass the code in test classes and find other ways to get test coverage on these.

Additionally - I just removed the bypass in my test code to check it and found that I'm still getting the error, so it remains an unresolved bug.
sowmya kale 8sowmya kale 8
this is still an issue I had to bypass the password validation using test.istestrunning()