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Behzad Bahadori 18Behzad Bahadori 18 

Workflow still get triggered on ownerId that is not included

I created work flows with Formulas and validation . however it still gets triggered even tho I am saying those ownerId shouldnt be part of it

OR ( 
Owner.Id <> "00516000006OnYB" , 
Owner.Id <> "005G0000002YHAe" , 
Owner.Id <> "005G0000005Foy2" , 
Owner.Id <> "00516000006Tdoh" , 
Owner.Id <> "005G0000004qehs" ) && 
Order_Paperwork_Complete__c = TRUE

so even tho it shouldnt be != and not get trigged  but any of those guys submit and it will get triggered still  
Parker EdelmannParker Edelmann
If the goal is to make sure that those users don't trigger the workflow, use AND() instead of OR(). Let me know what the results are.