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Abhishek Prasad 8Abhishek Prasad 8 

How to restrict tab/view/Object in salesforce other than Profile?

Hi All,
I want to know that if we can restrict tab/view/Object in salesforce. 
I know we can restrict Viewable stuffs using a profile. But, my scenario is that, i have 100 users with profile A. out of that i want to restrict 10 users from viewing a single object...say Contact object. How can we achieve that?
Hi Abhishek,

You can achieve this by using permission sets. Profiles are per user. But for your kind of scenerios, You can use permission sets. One user can have more than one permission sets.

Restrict the access in profile for an object. And then open up the access for that object by assigning permission sets for users.

Here is the link for more info on permission sets.

Hope this helps.

Santosh Kumar 275Santosh Kumar 275
You Can Use Permission 
A Permission Set is a collection of settings and permissions that give users access to various tools and functions. Profiles do the same but the main difference between Profiles and Permission Sets is that while ypu can assign just one Profile to a user, this user can have many Permission Sets assigned at the same time.

You can use permission sets because permission sets extend users’ functional access without changing their profiles.
Create profile with restricted access i.e what all restriction you want to apply for 10 users. Permission set allows you to increase the access so now give the required access through permission set.
Abhishek Prasad 8Abhishek Prasad 8
Hi cloudSavvyProg/Santosh Kumar 275,
Thanks for your replies. I know that Permission sets can be used to open up the access. However, in my scenario, if i create a restricted profile, and open up the access using permission sets, then i will have to add thee permission sets to 90 users. a cumbersome job if i have 1000s of such users.

The concept i am referring here is, there is one existing profile with 1000s of assigned users. Now, 200 users got added into the system, who want lesser access/permissions than the existing ones. whats the best way to do that?

1) Creating perm.sets? i will have to assign perm. sets to 800 users. not feasible!
2) Creating new profile with restricted access and assign it to 200 users.

Any other way?
Vivian Charlie 1208Vivian Charlie 1208

Hi Abhishek,


Profiles define your basic level of access. Anything not present at the profile level can be granted using permission sets.

However when to use a new profile vs a permission set depends on the number of users you anticipate.

When 10 out 100 users need additional permission it is feasible to create a base profile with minimal permissions and create a permission set with additional access ans assign it to the 10 users.

However, when the number of users exceeds a manageble count of around 1-30 it is advisable to have separate profiles and assign it to applicable users

1. Profile A (with the base permission)

2. Profile B (Profile A permissions  + additional permissions)


There is not opther way in Salesforce to grant access over profiles