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Wanted to know if we will have to create the users again after migration .

ranjan 007ranjan 007
Hi Pallavi,

No at all . If sandboxes are in sync  we need not create users again . Normally we migrate components from one Sandboxes to another .For ex. DEv to SIT to UAT then to Production .
Let me know if you have any questions .

Ranjan Jha
Normally we migrate components from one Sandboxes to another Sandbox. So don't need to create user is Sandbox again as We can't delete users from Salesforce. 
Oleksandra Oleksandra 4Oleksandra Oleksandra 4
Hi there,
I guess the question is not relevant anymore due to it was asked a long time ago. But, let me drop here a suggestion for users who would have the similar one.

You can map users or create new ones if needed by using automated data migration service Data2CRM.
Also, the SaaS gives its users a possibility to migrate over 20 modules to any Salesforce edition keeping preserved relations between all records.

You may take a look at the service on AppExchange and try out Data2CRM in action for free

Hope, my advice will help someone