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Opportunity Last Modified Date

An issue that has come up within my organization is that when a call is logged we would like the opportunity Last Modified Date to update. The reason for this is because it is showing up that opportunities have been "untouched" for extended periods of time, even if calls are being logged. So in reality they aren't technically untouched opportunities. We have looked into using the last activity date field, but that field is not of any help because it doesn't update when a call is logged. It only updates when tasks or events are created / updated which my organization doesn't use. 

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
You can either use Apex trigger or Process Builder(and Flow) to do so, but the logic would be the same in both the cases. You can't update the Last Modified Field, as these are Audit fields. Create a checkbox and update it

1. Create a Process on Task object, select only when record is created as Start criteria
2. in the condition use WhatId Starts with Id 'Opportunity Id first three char'
3. If Task belongs to an Opportunity, then pass the Record Id to the Flow (Use Flow as Immediate action). 
4. Inside the Flow update checkbox field available on Opportunity 
Brianna BollettieriBrianna Bollettieri
We don't use the task object so this wouldn't work. So there is no way of updating the Last Modified Date? The reason why I need this field to update is because this is what we base our reports on.
Directly you can't update the ​ Last Modified Date but if you update the record then in such cases salesforce auto update the ​ Last Modified Date.

Hope it make snese
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Brianna BollettieriBrianna Bollettieri
Oh okay makes sense. So since I need it for when a call is logged not a task, how would I go about it?