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Theodore RayTheodore Ray 

Reporting Superbadge - Contacts Without Hobbies Report

Hi there

Can someone please tell me how to create this report!?

Having successfully imported the data and created a contacts by Hobbies and Ratings Report I am totally stuck on the Contacts without hobbies Report!! I have created the 2 fields on the account and also the bucket field for the Account Value field no problem but I cannot (1) filter to only view contacts without hobbies (2) create a working % open Ops field.

1 filter to only view contacts without hobbies
I have created a report on the report type: Contacts with Contact Hobbies and Hobby. This will not show reports without hobbies (I get zero results instead of the 10 on the Excel file which I have confirmed are on the system). I have subsequently tried creating a report on the accounts and contacts type but again there is no option to include fields with regards to hobbies so again I cannot filer.
User-added image
2 create a working % open Ops field
I've created a formula field as shown but just get an Error message or a % in the millions.
User-added image
If you can help, please post :-)

Many thanks!!

Parker EdelmannParker Edelmann
Hello Theodore,

First of all, it looks like you're using a standard report type. Its not that obvious, and really easy to miss, but you will need to create a custom report type with Account as the Primary Object, Contact as the second, and Contact Hobbies as the third.

Secondly, you'll need a cross-filter that will look something like "Contacts | without | Contact Hobbies". It's in the same list as a field filter.

Thirdly, the reason why your % open Opps formula is not working is because of the Order of Operations. If Total Opp Value is 10, and Open Opp Value is 5, your formula will evaluate like this:
10 + 5 / 5
10 + 1
So we'll need to restructure it to do what we need.

IF(Account.Open_Opp_Value__c:SUM = 0, 0, Account.Open_Opp_Value__c:SUM / Account.Total_Opp_Value__c:SUM)

Let me know if you run into further difficulty.


P.S. My knowledge of this Superbadge may be a little outdated as Team Trailhead updated the content and challenges after I finished it, but I'll try to do my best.
Aam MAam M
Can any one please help me in completing Reports & dashboard Superbadge ? I'm finding difficulty in completing 2nd challenge that is .. 
Create sales dashboards in Salesforce Classic.. Here I'm finding difficulty to create Contacts Without Hobbies ? Can yu guys help me out in completing this task
Gillian OConnorGillian OConnor
Hi Mujahid Ahmed Aamir M - did you get anywhere with this Superbadge ? I'm going round in circles tring to figure out where I'm going wrong with the Contatcs Without Hobbies report!