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newbie developernewbie developer 

The best way to learn quickly

I am looking for the best, quickest way to get used to Salesforce development using a Developer Environment platform. 
I have found two books in developer.salesforce.com:
Force.com Platform Fundamentals
Force.com Workbook
The first one is a 400 pages book and the second is smaller 140 pages.
Can anybody that has reviewed and worked with both tell their opinion about both? Any advise will be helpful.
Feel free to give any other suggestion or advise.
Thanks in advance
Jasveer SinghJasveer Singh
Hi newbie

First read this book Force.com Platform Fundamentals
its good for future, all developer use this.

Jasveer Singh
Amit Chaudhary 8Amit Chaudhary 8

Best way to learn salesforce is trailhead.
1) https://developer.salesforce.com/trailhead/trails

You can also download the salesforce related book from below link
1) http://amitsalesforce.blogspot.com/2015/01/salesforce-books-link.html

You can donwload the salesforce workbook from below link
1) https://developer.salesforce.com/page/Force.com_workbook

Let us know if this will help you

Amit Chaudhary
Esther OnemaEsther Onema
I'd also try checking out http://www.sfdc99.com/beginner-tutorials/

The guy who gives the tutorials is amazing and inspirational as well. He is a salesforce technical architect at Google who basically taught himself to code when given the task of learning how to operate salesforce. The site really pinpoints on what you need to know as a salesforce developer rather than burying you technical terms. His tutorials are fun and interactive so I really think you'll enjoy his site. 

Happy learning!
Esther Onema
Himanshu S794Himanshu S794
I will recommend this course.
It is a very detailed and handson course, I even took courses on Udemy but I found those courses are at high level. It seems people get impressed by A/V quality of courses at Udemy but do not realize that those courses will fail them in real world. If your motive is not only to get certified but also to gain knowledge then immediately sign up for this course.