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Justin LeungJustin Leung 

Using knowledge:articleList to search a specific category only

We have a custom Visualforce Community, and have a search page that searches for articles within specific categories.
Data Category Structure:
-- All
---- aaa
---- bbb
---- ccc
------ xxxx
------ yyyy
------ zzzz
---- ddd
---- eee
We use the articleList tag to display search results:
<knowledge:articleList articleVar="article" pageNumber="{!currentPageNumber}" Keyword="{!searchstring)}"  hasMoreVar="false" pageSize="10" categories="{!DC}" language="en_US">
{!DC} is populated with the category name depending on which option in the drop down is selected e.g. CATEGORY_GROUP_NAME:xxxx__c if xxxx is selected.
I would expect this to search for articles in the xxxx category only, but what I'm finding, is that it searches for articles in the xxxx category, and all categories above it: ccc, and All.  This is counterintuitive, although I do realize that is how the Article Management tab works as well (when you select a category, it searches that category plus everything above it).
How I want it to work, is to search for article in the specific category only, like how this SOQL statement works:
SELECT Title FROM KnowledgeArticleVersion WHERE PublishStatus = 'online' and Language = 'en_US' WITH DATA CATEGORY CATEGORY_GROUP_NAME__c AT xxxx__c
Can you guys verify if the articleList tag is supposed to search in categories above the specified category?  And if so, do you have any suggestions on how to make the articleList tag search the specific category only?