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Javascript Code to Refresh Detail page Automatically for 5 sec

Hi All,

Please help me out for JAVASCRIPT code which should be appended in Visualforce page that automatically refreshes for 5 secs.
after a record is created then it has to refresh automatically after 5 secs .

Thanks ,
Jasveer SinghJasveer Singh
Hi Board Salesforce
                             use apex's standard function instead of 3rd party.

use <apex:actionPoller> visualforce tag.
link is below...... (" target="_blank)

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Thanks & Regards
Jasveer Singh
Jasveer SinghJasveer Singh
<!-- Page --> 
<apex:page controller="exampleCon">
<apex:outputText value="Watch this counter: {!count}" id="counter"/> 
<apex:actionPoller action="{!incrementCounter}" reRender="counter" interval="15"/> 

/*** Controller: ***/ 

public class exampleCon { 
Integer count = 0;
public PageReference incrementCounter() { 
return null;

public Integer getCount() 
return count;

SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 

Please add below code in your visual force page.
<script type="text/javascript">    
    setInterval(page_refresh, 5*60000); //NOTE: period is passed in milliseconds
For more information please refer below link

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Thanks and Regards

Board salesforceBoard salesforce
Hi Jasveer and Sandhya,
Thanks for the response.
Here the issue is that is the standard controller i need to get the current id and auto refresh the page in VF Using Javascript 
Jasveer,its not about <apex:actiopoller>
Want to get current Account id and refresh the VF in 5 Sec

Thanks ,