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Embedded Gauge Chart in Location


I am trying to get a gauge chart embedded in my location.  I do not see these available in the general charting section on reports.  Is there some other way that I can do this?

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leah brooks 11leah brooks 11
I have been looking at this page: https://developer.salesforce.com/blogs/developer-relations/2012/10/animated-visualforce-charts.html  and it seems to have some good material on making a gauge chart in VF.  However I'm still not sure how I would get the data that I need to get the gauge to display at the level it should.

I need to make a formual which adds the average length of time that the cases in the site have been open (Case Open Length__c AVG), whether or not the customer is down, or has been down in the last 7 days (Customer_Down__c TRUE/FALSE) and how many cases the site currently has open.  I then need to make the resulting number a percentage, and plop it into the Gauge chart so that employees can see at a glance how 'healthy' the site is.

I hope that makes sense.