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Gary AllenGary Allen 

Can't get "stop light" formula field on opportunity to work.

Help! I am new to salesforce formulas and can't seem to get this to work.
All I am trying to do is create a "stop light" to indicate whether it is currently 
being worked so "hands off" or whether it is open for someone else to claim.

Creating a new formula field
Stop Light on Opportunity Object

IF     1 Owner = SES Partners
        2 Missing Task
        3 or Task > 7 days overdue
        4 Missing CXD 
        5 or CXD Expired
GreenIMAGE("/img/samples/light_green.gif", "Green")

IF     1 Task is in future 
        2 or Task <7 days Overdue
        3 CXD is current
        4 or(If Phase = 4
RedIMAGE("/img/samples/light_red.gif", "Red")

Where CXD = Current Contract Expiration Date

I would be eternally greatfull for anyone who could help me solve this!

Gary Allen
<- Deepak Rathinavelu -><- Deepak Rathinavelu ->
Hi Gary,

1) Create the field in activity custom fields, your conditions are fine, check the img formula syntax,
2)  Add the new field to the related list column on opportunity page layout.

I hope it solves your issue.
Gary AllenGary Allen
This is my latest effort:
AND(Opportunity.Owner= "SES Partners"),
(LEFT(WhatID,3)<> "006"),

As you can see I am still rather clueless when it comes to salesforcer formula syntax.
Is there an easy way to figure this out?
<- Deepak Rathinavelu -><- Deepak Rathinavelu ->
Hi Gary, 

If you dont mind can you please elaborate on what you are trying to do, I have understood that you are trying to have a stop light on task related to 'SES Partners', 

1. SES Partners might be having more than one task, so the formula for stop light goes into activities custom fields which is nothing but task. 
2. What is the error you are getting

Gary AllenGary Allen
Right now I just want to have an image show up without a syntax errror.
Here is my latest effort:

Task_Due_Days__c >-7,

Error: Incorrect number of parameters for function 'IMAGE()'. Expected 2, received 1