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Mike Flood 18Mike Flood 18 

How do I get the Approval to Execute?

I'm doing Trail Head and in the  "Customize How Records Get Approved with Approvals" I've set up the "Approve Opportunity Discount" as part of the lesson.  But how/where does it actually execute?  I've gone into Opportunities and given them a high discount.  SHouldn't I get an email to approve them?  (I am the opportunity owner and my manager is another user I've set up in Dev with my email address).

Parker EdelmannParker Edelmann
You will get an email only if you've set up an email template and associated it with your Approval Process. Otherwise, you can view the records that you need to approve from the home page. Records get submitted for Approval in one of three ways I believe.
  1. A user clicks the "Submit for Approval" button on the page layout of the record
  2. If you set up the Approval Process with criteria, I believe it will automatically submit for Approval, or there is an option in the Approval Setup to do this.
  3. A Process triggers an Approval (irrelevant to this Trailhead exercise)
Does this answer your question?
Mike Flood 18Mike Flood 18
Thanks.  What I didn't understand is that an approval button is placed on the Opportunity Object's record.  Trailhead doesn't mention that. - at least I could find it.