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Can delegated authentication be used for community users (Customer Community Login license)?


I'm trying to determine if delegated authentication is supported for community users with a Customer Community Login license. It's clear that SAML-based SSO is supported, but not clear from any documentation I can find whether delegated authentication can be used.

Thanks for any help,


NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi DougHynes,

From https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.salesforce_communities_implementation.meta/salesforce_communities_implementation/networks_customize_login_page.htm

                       I understand that only SAML-based or OpenID-based external authentication is supported for communities. However this article seems to say that delegated authentication works as well for communities.

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HI Doug, can you share what you found out? 
Hi Øyvind, I did actually end up testing this myself and found that delegated authentication IS supported for Customer Community Login license. Regards, Doug
Roshan 99Roshan 99
Hi Doug, 
Are you able to login to Salesforce community using delegated authentication?
Can you please refer me to any article/link or example.
Hi Roshan, I can't reference any article or example but I did test this myself a while back and it does work. If the user's profile or permission set has "Is Single Sign-On Enabled" checked, then it will use delegated authentication, including for users who are logging into a community. Regards, Doug
Darpesh RupareliyaDarpesh Rupareliya
Hi Doug,

May you help me with steps you followed for Delegated Authentication for Communities. I tried from my end and have done below steps:

1. Enabled SSO for Profile
2. Created a Web Service and hosted in IIS and tested
3. Configured Delegated Gateway URL with Service endpoint.

I am unable to figure out the URL format that should get triggered to Salesforce which in turn will invoke the WebService and return True.

I read lots of articles but I was not able to get a complete answer.

Thanks in advance