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Custom Object - Standard Field coding

I created a custom object titled "Interview Results".

By default there is a required standard field that is either a text (80) or an auto-number. I want this field to auto-fill with whatever the user chooses for a picklist. Is this possible?

The picklist is titled "Interview Type".

Essentially I want the standard field "Interview Results" to equal whatever the user picks from the custom field "Interview Type".

snehal surti 3snehal surti 3
yes you can definitely do this by just using workflow rule or process builder without writing any code. If its an auto number then you can't manipulate it, it must have to be text field only (i think you are mentioning standard field name which you want to manipulate...make sure its not auto number)
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Thank you for the reply. I tried via workflow rule and it wasn't possible to do... only custom fields were avaliable. 
snehal surti 3snehal surti 3
You should have that when you are creating field update. You wil find the field under Standard field in picklist. Can you post screenshot of where you don't see the standard field name in workflow field update?
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User-added image

It won't allow me to choose the picklist values... and even if I put a default value of "TEST", it still won't let me Save the record until I insert a value in the standard field since it's required.

Yunibia LopezYunibia Lopez

Hi. You should try using: TEXT(Interview_Type__c) in your formula. Hope this helps.
You Cant insert the record without fill Name Stnadard field. If you want allow user to enter any value after that you can Update the record with picklist value.through work flow rune when record created

Use this in your formula.

It will repalce Name field with your picklist value after it created