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yair konwitz 3yair konwitz 3 

How to view a Map of Lists containing Wrappers =  Map<String, List<Wraper>>

I'm trying to view a Map of Lists containing Wrappers =  Map<String, List<Wraper>>
on an visualforce page

the Wraper contains those fields:
public string start_hour {get;set;}
        public string end_hour {get;set;}
        public Contact Instructor {get;set;}
        public string scheduledType {get;set;}
        public string details {get;set;}
        public Meeting__c meet {get;set;}
what i am trying to do here is make a daily schedule for all instractors avaliability
as shown in the pic
User-added image
many thanks!!
Ranu Agarwal iBirdsRanu Agarwal iBirds
You can use <apex:repeat> for map and inner <apex repeat> for Wrapper list. Such as,
There is Map >>>

 Map<String, List<Wraper>> wrappersMap = new Map<String, List<Wraper>>(); (This should be get;set type)

 <apex:repeat value="{!wrappersMap}" var="wrapMap">
       <apex:repeat value="{!wrapMap.wrapperList}" var="wrapList">
                Variables of Wrapper class.............

yair konwitz 3yair konwitz 3
thanks Ranu

how do i use {!wrapMap.wrapperList} ?
the list is in a map it has no name to call...
Actually - I think the second repeat should be...
<apex:repeat value="{!wrapMap}" var="wrapList">