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Send SMS using apex code

Hi All,

I have a requirement that i need send / receive sms through apex code  but i want to use only 1 visual force page and 1 apex class. I am using twilio (trail) account to send sms but that's not exactly suitable for my requirement.

If any one having idea on this means please share with me.

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Sophia EdwardSophia Edward
The 360 SMS App is specifically designed to send SMS either manually or via automation.With help of this  App one can send SMS manually from object detail page, automatically from process builder or through apex code. The Twilio API that you are using right now won't be required anymore after you install the app. Just install the 360 SMS App and you won't have to write any piece of code yourself as they provide great technical support.
Take a look at the link- https://appexchange.salesforce.com/listingDetail?listingId=a0N3000000DpSyIEAV
or for further inquiry contact- support@360degreecloud.com
ValueText SMSValueText SMS
As a technical architect, I suggest you to read below information before you integrate your service 

You can send  SMS in salesforce from different ways

1. Integrate SMS gateway.
    N number of gateways online which you can choose and integrate.

  • SMS prices are low.
  • Might be no setup cost
  • If you want to send SMS to different countries Integration is not a good option because International SMS gateway can not give SMS at local Price.
  • You have to put your development efforts for dynamic message creation in triggers.     
  • You have to invest your money and time on every SMS template creation.
  •  Templates you have to hard code and for every change, you have to redeploy the code
  • You have to build your mechanism for history tacking.
  • If you calculate your development efforts it will be higher compared to app fee by the end of the year
  • It does not just REST API integration, you have to build many things to make it easy for your team to use SMS
2. You can find App in AppExchange.
There are a few apps in AppExhnage which are providing complete automation.
  • No development efforts.
  • Like Email template, you can create SMS template.
  • You can send SMS from workflow or process builder like email you set up.
  • You can set history for any object.
  • Many components will help your team to make SMS automation easy.
  • Easy template management

if your option is 2? You can have a look at our ValueText SMS App (https://goo.gl/9B6B7d) at AppExchange.

App Link to install: https://appexchange.salesforce.com/listingDetail?listingId=a0N3A00000EFoedUAD

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Sheikh Irfan 1Sheikh Irfan 1
The SMSala Interact Managed Package includes a custom object called SMS History and the corresponding API name is smagicinteract__smsala__c. This object stores SMS message data. Given the need for complex customizations to implement different business processes, we provided an easy way to send SMS from Apex code.

These Link will help you