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How to refer each text box from vf page with database object?

Hi Friends,

I am new to vf page development. I have custom object Time_entry_details. Fields are Activity__c, Hour__c Date__c and lookup field to time_entry__c.

My vf Page look like this

User-added image

Here Activity is picklist and other columns are (SUN to SAT) Input text boxes.

Scanario is

I select one activity and enter hours in monday wednesday text box in any row. If i click on save button it should save in time_entry_details__c object. while retriving the record it should show in the same text boxes.

Question is

How to refer each text box to object. I am thinking in background we need to give some unique reference.... like in excel cell (A1,A2,A3...Like). How to do like that? If i am wrong please lead me.

Herewith attached my vf page and controller. Please give me solution.
<apex:page showHeader="false" sidebar="false" controller="timeentrydetails" >
    <apex:form >
        <apex:pageBlock title="Time Entry Details Page - {!$CurrentPage.parameters.startDate} - {!$CurrentPage.parameters.endDate} ">
            <apex:pageBlockButtons location="top" >
                <apex:CommandButton value="Save" action="{!save1}"/>
                <apex:CommandButton value="Submitted"/>
                <apex:CommandButton value="Addrows" action="{!addrows5}" reRender="row"/>
                <apex:CommandButton value="Back" action="{!back1}"/>

            <apex:pageBlockTable id="row" value="{!Tedt_list}" var="i">
                <apex:column headerValue="Activity" >
                                    <apex:selectList multiselect="false" size="1" >
                                        <apex:selectOption itemValue="--Select--" itemLabel="--Select--"/>
                                        <apex:selectOption itemValue="Analysing" itemLabel="Analysing"/>
                                        <apex:selectOption itemValue="Designing" itemLabel="Designing"/>
                                        <apex:selectOption itemValue="Code Developing" itemLabel="Developing"/>
                                        <apex:selectOption itemValue="Testing" itemLabel="Testing"/>

                       <apex:column headerValue="SUN">
                       <apex:inputText size="10" />
                       <apex:column headerValue="MON">
                       <apex:inputText size="10" />
                       <apex:column headerValue="TUE">
                       <apex:inputText size="10" />
                       <apex:column headerValue="WED">
                       <apex:inputText size="10" />

                       <apex:column headerValue="THU">
                       <apex:inputText size="10" />
                       <apex:column headerValue="FRI">
                       <apex:inputText size="10" />
                       <apex:column headerValue="SAT">
                       <apex:inputText size="10" />

Controller is
public class timeentrydetails {

    Public Class Tedrow{
        Public Id Tedid {get;set;}
        Public Id Teid {get;set;}
        Public Date Date1{get;set;}
        Public String Activity {get;set;}
        Public Integer Hour {get;set;}
        Public String Uniid {get;set;}
        Public String Day {get;set;}
     public List<Time_Entry_Detail__c> Tedt_list {get;set;} 
     public List<Tedrow> Tedrow_list {get;set;} 
    Public timeentrydetails(){
        string teid = apexpages.currentpage().getparameters().get('id').trim();
        string tesdate = apexpages.currentpage().getparameters().get('startDate');
        string teedate = apexpages.currentpage().getparameters().get('endDate');
        Tedt_list = new List<Time_Entry_Detail__c>();
        Tedrow_list  = new List<Tedrow>();
        Tedrow Tedrow_item = new Tedrow();
        if(teid!=null && teid!= '')
            id timedetailid = (id) teid;
            Tedt_list = [select id, name,Time_Entry__c,Activity__c,Date__c,Hour__c,Date_Day_value__c FROM Time_Entry_Detail__c where Time_Entry__c =:timedetailid and ownerid =:userinfo.getuserid() limit 150];

        for(integer i=Tedt_list.size();i<5;i++)
             Time_Entry_Detail__c tedt = new Time_Entry_Detail__c();
        for(Time_Entry_Detail__c ted_item  :Tedt_list )
               Tedrow_item.Activity  = ted_item.Activity__c;
               Tedrow_item.hour = (integer) ted_item.Hour__c;
      = ted_item.Date_Day_value__c; //checking if date is not null
               Tedrow_item.Tedid  =;
               Tedrow_item.Teid = ted_item.Time_Entry__c;

Public void addrows5(){
  for(integer i=0;i<5;i++)
             Time_Entry_Detail__c tedt = new Time_Entry_Detail__c();

public PageReference back1() {

    PageReference reRend = new PageReference('/apex/timeentryexp');
    return reRend;


Public void save1(){