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M ParnellM Parnell 

Quick Start: Heroku Connect - Change and Redeploy the Application

I've completed the steps, and the record was created via the Heroku app I created in the exercise.

Initially, I received this error when creating the record manually, and that I understood.
Now that Heroku connected, my app is working, and the record is created, I'm not understanding which part I'm misisng.

I'm still getting the following error:
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SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi M Parnell,

Please check in your Developer Edition Org by navigating to the 'Tim Barr' contact record again. If it was updated with below details ,check spelling also.
First Name = 'Tim'
Last Name = 'Barr'
Email = 'barr_tim@grandhotels.com'
Phone = '(303) 555-1212'

 If not i suggest you repeat  that steps again.

Hope this helps you!

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