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How do I edit profile settings?

Some months ago I successfully created a "Profile Setting" for my packaged application, but I cannot remmeber how I created it.

Any ideas?

PS: I have read the literature but am still confused about whether a profile setting will update existing profiles with additional/changed custom object permission.
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Rustyboy,

Go to setup , create, apps, find the app and click on the name link to open, click edit and you should be able to change profile access here. 

Please mark this as solved if it helps.

Best Regards,
Hi Nagendra,

Thanks for the reply, but my question was not "how do I edit which profiles have access to my application". I want to know how to create a "Profile Setting" which is used when installing and upgrading managed packages.

Ture Hoefner .Ture Hoefner .
  If you restrict access to one or more of your packaged components using user profile permissions then subscribers who install your package will map those profile settings to some existing profile in their org.  The user profile that you used to customize access to your packaged components is not, itself, included in the package.  Only its 'profile settings' for customized access are included and must be mapped to some existing profile in the subscriber org upon installation.

  Perhaps you set limited CRUD access to some component in your package for some profile in your org and forgot about doing that?

  A user can only have a single profile and that is part of the reason that user profiles are not included in a package.  A subscriber would not want to use a profile from a package that they cannot edit for their own needs in addition to the needs of a single package.

  See this doc on packaged permission sets vs profiles:

  I find that packaged permission sets are a lot easier to understand than profile settings and profile mapping upon installation but if you stick with profiles then see some tips about using a custom profile with a name that is clear:

 ... and there is no screenshot of the subscriber's experience for profile settings during installation, but this doc mentions how they do it: