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Informatica or data loader ?

which tool is better in salesforce Apex Data Loader or ETL tool Informatica ? How to get hands on on Informatica ?

Apex Data Loader is a good tool but very limited you cannot perform configural data transformation before saving the data into salesforce, whereas informatica would provide you with this facility
Check this link

It depends on what is your requirement, if you just want to load data from a flat file without minimal transformation they data loader would be agood one to go, without any purchase required.
But if you have to integrate your salesforce with some other 3rd party tool to get data, and the data from other source might require high level of transformation, then Informatica would be the way to go.
Irrin MadlerIrrin Madler
Informatica is quite expensive and Data Loader is quite limited, so we chose another service - Skyvia (https://skyvia.com/). It`s a quite cool tool with wide functionality and more affordable than Informatica Data Loader