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Talha AliTalha Ali 

Authenticator with SFDC Android SDK

I am developing an app and was told we might have to use the authenticator to do 2 factor auth with our app. Is there any support between the Authenticator and the SFDC Android SDK? If so, where can I find documentation on it?

Ajay LAjay L
Hi Thalha,

Let me know if this helps:



Talha AliTalha Ali
Hey Ajay,
Thanks for the link, it cleared up how the process works. Do you have any documentation on how to use the authenticator with a mobile app? The documentation only shows the process on a browser.
Talha AliTalha Ali
Can anyone from SFDC help me out with this? I have my account setup to use the One-Time Password Generator and have setup my connected app to use relaxed restrictions with 2FA but when I login using my custom app, I'm never requested for the code generated by my authenticator. How can I setup my custom app to use the 2FA?