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Nadia GainsbourgNadia Gainsbourg 

Simple Deployment with Change Sets Failed in a Weird Way

Hi All,

I created a simple custom picklist field in the sandbox.

The name of the field is "Contract Type" and the picklist values are "Trial", "Base Contract" and "Renewal Contract". 

Following deployment, only the field name is visible on the page layout, but the picklist values themselves aren't there. The picklist values are on the edit page of the field and everything else looks normal. 

Does anyone know why this might be?

Thank you!
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Nadia GainsbourgNadia Gainsbourg
I just found the answer myself! 
Picklist values are greyed out when deployed from Sandbox to Production
Knowledge Article Number000175642
DescriptionWhen you find that a picklist field that is deployed from Sandbox to Production via change set is not available for editing, you need to review the record types associated with the related object.
Picklist values need to be made available on the associated or all the record types of the related picklist field object.
For example, you have created a picklist field called Hosting with values as Yes and No on the opportunity Object. However when you deploy this picklist field from your Sandbox to your Production it is greyed .i.e. not available for editing.
The root cause is the Opportunity Record Type where this picklist field is available, does not have these values included.
ResolutionTo include the values to the picklist:
Click on Customize - Opportunities and select Record Types
Click on the related Record Type Label
Click on the Edit link beside the picklist field that you wish to edit
Select from the list of Available Picklist Values
Click on Add
Click Save to make the changes.