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Basha sk 16Basha sk 16 

How to Enable SandBox in salesforce Organisation?


  In my Salesforce organisation from setup i entered sandbox but i can't find it.
  could anyone please help on this?
   Thanks in Advance.....
Sandra WicketSandra Wicket
hi Basha,
you already created a sandbox ?  go  to:

Attach the name of your Sandbox on your Mailadress 
Narveer SinghNarveer Singh
Hi Basha,

Sandbox option can be found from your Developer log under Deploy section.Below is the screen shot for your reference :

User-added image

Hope this helps you!

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Best Regards
Basha sk 16Basha sk 16
Hi Narveer,
     Thanks for replying i searched in quick find box but i didn't get what shoud i do?
Basha sk 16Basha sk 16
Hi ,

     Anyone  please help on  creating a sandbox?
Narveer SinghNarveer Singh
Hi Basha,

Can you please have a look once again that you are searching in Production only.I have checked twice in Production as well as in Sandbox.

In Production it is coming perfectly fine while there is no sandbox option in sanbox itself.

Please refer below link for more info: