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Michael Lindsay 4Michael Lindsay 4 

Field Set for Custom Object


I am trying to create a field set for a custom object and running into a few problem....lack of coding skills being one!

Here is what I have so far.

public with sharing class CustomerImplementation {
    public String getCustomerImplementation() {
        return null;

Visual Force page:

<apex:page standardController="CustomerImplementation__c">
    <apex:repeat value="{!$ObjectType.CustomerImplementation__c.FieldSets.Milestone1}" var="f">
        <apex:outputText value="{!CustomerImplementation__c[f]}" /><br/>

When I load the page I don't get any of the fields that page it empty.  I believe my problem is the controller.

Thanks for the help!

Hi Micheal,
I do not see any problem with the Visualforce code. 
How are you loading/executing the page in the browser? Please make sure your page has an record Id 
e.g: yourinstance.force.com/apex/yourpage?id=record_id 
and make sure that the record has some values for all the fields in the field set.

Let me know if it works
Michael Lindsay 4Michael Lindsay 4
Hi Badi,

I am trying to use the VF pages as part of the service console.  We have 4 milestones and I have the page layout set up to display Milestone 1 fields in the center(main page) and want to have Milestone 2, 3, 4 display on the left and right side panels.  

Not really sure how to add the record id line to the VF page?