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Supriyo Ghosh 5Supriyo Ghosh 5 

Restrict Recordtype for a user


I am having three record type in opportunity like a,b,c.I want to restrict a user e.g Ram Sharma should not create any opportunity with record type b.
Please suggest me how to do that.I cannot change his profile.
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Hi Supriyo,

I see two solutions for this requirement -
1. You can use permission set to extend the record type permission to other users, Like in your case restrict the record types at profile level & extend it using permission set.
2. Create a custom checkbox field on User object.For the users you don't want access to, mark it true . Implement a valiation rule where you will check the checkbox is TRUE & the record type name is the restricting one.
Ex. $User.<CustomFieldApi> && RecordType.DeveloperName = '<recordtypename>'

Happy Coding!

Amit Shingavi