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srikanth j 24srikanth j 24 

Public Group and Queues In Salesforce

1)what is meant by public group and why do we use pg in sfdc can anyout help me out with brief explanation?
2)what is meant by Queues and why do we use  queues in sfdc can anyone give me a explanation with example ?
 Difference between Public Group and Queue?
Advance Thanks.
Prateek Singh SengarPrateek Singh Sengar
Essentially both public group and queues are collection of user. The main difference is in terms of their usage. 

Queues are typically used when you want to assign a record to a bunch of users.With the help of queues you can assign a record to multiple users (using queues) so that any member of the queue can work on the record. It also allows the users to have there seperate views.

Group on the other hand are used more for a sharing purpose. They are not the owner of the records (like queue) but can share the records (in terms of access)

Hope this will provide some clarity.
Sujit KarandeSujit Karande
In a simple words,

Public Group:
If you want to share some information in your organization among some users, so we make public Group.Public Group is the group of some selected users,then we can share information or we assign some work to group.

In our daily life we can take example of Call Centre to understand Queues.There are many Customer Care Executive in a call centre and many customers call at a time and one executive can talk to one customer at one time,so other customer’s calls are kept in queues.Same thing is there in salesforce like:
Each user should assigned to at least one lead and same number of leads.
That means user need to handle assigned lead individually and all users in organization should assigned with same number of leads, in this case we can define users in organization as Queue and assign them one by one and in same number using round robin lead assignment.

I hope this will help you to understand
Vijayendra PatilVijayendra Patil
Another Thing is that for queues we have a option for email and supported object like case, lead. whereas for Group its a collection of users and dont need email and supported objects.