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M ParnellM Parnell 

Superbadge Security - Set record-level security settings

In this superbadge, for Step 2, it says to run the Apex test 'BeAwesome'.
I receive the message that the class needs to be defined as Global, but the packages aren't meant to be modified() according to their directions).
Looking for any assistance with this particular Superbadge.
Result after running the Apex test

User-added image
Prateek Singh SengarPrateek Singh Sengar
Yes you are correct that the this installed package class is not supposed to be modified. The message that you are seeing in the class is because the package that you installed for the security superbadge is a managed package. By design you can't see the content of the managed package, there is nothing wrong with that message. 
On the other hand the error that you are seeing as part of test execution are due to some other reason, did you completed all the steps mentioned in the challenge 2?